The POWER of Premium Pricing

Most new marketers think that if they go ahead and build a “FUNNEL” that all of a sudden they are going to be rich.

Sorry sweet cheeks, but that is not going to happen that way.

One of my friends who I have known only about 2 years or so ago decided he was going to build himself a funnel for his new business idea.

He was going to sell coaching for whatever his market was. And maybe a few small products.

He had read some books on building funnels and “secrets” to becoming an expert in any niche. (I am sure you can guess which books these were).

Anyhow, he built his small little funnel with a one time offer, a downsell, and other funnel tricks.

….And not one single person took his offer.

His offer, of course, was for coaching… $15/hour.


That is cray cray.

I told him that he needs to change his pricing and he fought with me tooth and nail.

In the end, after his endless whining, his $15 offer with ZERO sales became $1500 per hour……with 8 sales coming in the first 11 days.

He used a Premium pricing strategy.

Because his price was much higher, his clients perceived a higher value.

BUT, there is a big difference in charging higher prices and Premium Pricing.

Also, my friend only had a 10-day followup sequence done after they originally subscribed to his free thingamajig.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong…

The money is in the Follow Up. Not in the initial front-side funnel.

This is where MOST marketers go wrong. You NEED to have a super long-term backend.

So, we built a super long-term follow-up series of campaigns for him, and now I hear that he consistently gets client after client through his follow-ups.

So two tips right there for you. Consider Premium Pricing for your products and services. And build a massive marketing backend.

Remember, people's instinct is to say “NO” first. The backend helps them turn that to a “Yes”.

If you would like help setting up your backend or product/service pricing structure, or anything else related to marketing, click the link below to check out the Inner Circle.

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