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Testimonials - Karma Senge Marketing

What Others Are Saying About Karma Senge


I felt being pulled in multiple directions with running an online business.

I was following too many gurus and had invested in programs that left me overwhelm with good info but lost as to what action to take.

Karma got me to take small action steps and shared with me the necessary tools to grow my online business. He helped me stay focused on my business outcome and checked up on me to make sure I was taking the necessary action steps. His leadership and success has made an impact in my business lifestyle that motivates me to go to a higher level.

I got things done! Completed multiple marketing funnels, created a membership site, started my own live events, created my digital products, started a coaching group.

I feel confidence in reaching my ultimate outcome.

I live a lifestyle of freedom and purpose.

Eddie Sand

Karma is one of the most dedicated, hard-working people I know. His pure commitment to excellence is unparalleled and an inspiration to be around.

At the time of writing this, I’ve known Karma for less than a year, and we’ve become very close friends…like soul brothers. This is the reason I know his heart is in the right place when he’s advising entrepreneurs and helping you amplify your business and income.

He’s a sponge for knowledge and will help guide you in the right direction your business needs to go.


Having Karma as a confidant, friend, and colleague is a relationship I cherish. It feels great when we find someone that 'gets us.


Joey Ragona

Looking back I can see that I wasted a lot of time by not focusing my attention on the right things. Karma gave me absolutely all of the tools that I needed to succeed. Maybe I could have reached my goals eventually on my own but I really believe that joining the Inner Circle shaved years off of my learning curve. Trust me, its way better than trying to go it alone! Plus Karma is always available to answer questions personally. In fact he loves it when people share what they're doing and ask questions, you can really tell that he genuinely wants every single one of his students to succeed.

Adam Terwall

I was feeling uneducated and felling like I needed to educate myself more if wanted to succeed.

Because I didn’t get any education anywhere and I knew that that’s what I need right now

It helped to give me more knowledge so I can be profitable

Feeling more and more confident and sure that I’ll succeed.

I am focusing on my education with the Inner Circle course.

Antony Danilo Cazzato

I have been following Karma for quite some time now. Maybe a year or more. He certainly knows how to get things done in what seems like seconds. One second he is talking about he wants to start a site doing stuff and I talk to him tomorrow and it's finished or nearly finished. I don't know if Karma sleeps or not although he says he does, he has ways of getting stuff done that I have never seen before. The man has a template or framework, list for everything. He is the most methodical and efficient person I have ever met.

Anton W.


Karma did a Fantastic job building our Company a website. Being a family owned business and only working in one city, I was a little skeptical on how this would work. His attention to every detail about our company was astonishing, focusing on our reputation and the services we offer. Before I knew it, the site was up and running.

Have already referred him to a friend, whom is just as happy as I am.

Thank you, Karma

Martha & Bob Piscopo