Stop Wasting Time for Buddha’s Sake

My son today, needed to find yet another job. His current (and main) job washing cars just cut his hours down from 32 hours, to 22 hours, and now down to around 9 hours PER WEEK.

He does have a part-time second job, but now with his first job cutting hours again, he is still not making enough money to pay rent or anything else really.

I have told him 200 times that he needs to find another job. And you know what he did today on his day off?

Instead of job hunting, he did…..laundry.

Yeah, he decided that his laundry (which he did just 2 days ago) was more important than being able to pay his rent or have the money to buy food.

To me, this is complete and utter STUPIDITY.

What the fudge (said like Ralphie from A Christmas Story) is wrong with people nowadays???

Yes, I am saying this about my own son.

Son or not, I do NOT condone stupidity and ignorance.

And wasting time is STUPID.

But this event reminded me of so many entrepreneurs out there.

Wasting time is something MOST entrepreneurs I know of do. And unfortunately, they do it very well.

How to they waste time?

  • They do unimportant tasks before the important ones
  • They take unnecessary time off when they should be working
  • They think going on YouTube to watch MORE informational videos is actually doing something.
  • etc..

And maybe two-hundred more ways to waste time.


Yes, I said Buddha instead of the “G” word. Get over it.

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