Only The Best Marketing Tools

From a fellow reader:

Hey dude, there are so many people out there telling me to use this system or that system for my marketing, I was really curious as to what you use for all your stuff? Do you use ActiveCampaign or do you still use Clickfunnels?


This is a message I got a few days ago that I thought I would respond to here so you all would get the benefit of my answer too.

Now I will say that I do use a variety of tools.

I am not that type of person that looks for an “All-in-one” solution. In fact, I almost always hate all-in-one's.

I much rather get the best of the best solutions for what I am looking for.

For instance, my actually website is a self hosted WordPress website and I utilize Thrive Themes for everything on it.

Thrive Themes is very similar to Clickfunnels(Which is another great software option), BUT, it is on my own website and is cheaper than Clickfunnels.

BUT, saying that, I do use Clickfunnels a lot too. Mainly for teaching, but CF is a great software too.

For my Marketing Automation and emailing, I only use Infusionsoft.

Infusonsoft IS the absolute best solution out there right now. Everyone else is trying to catch up to them.

I recognized early on that nearly ALL of the big boys out there were using Infusionsoft. So I told myself, Why would I use something else, if I was just going to switch later on?

That would be a complete waste of time to set my system up somewhere else, and then, later on, have to switch to Infusionsoft anyways.

Now I also use a companion software to work with Infusionsoft called MyFusionHelper as well. This allows me to do things with Infusionsoft that Infusionsoft can't do right out of the box.

I could not live without it honestly. It does so much. And is night and day better than any other similar software out there.

And the last piece of major software I use is called Zapier.

Zapier helps integrate everything seamlessly. I literally and outright refuse to work with any software or tech that doesn't integrate with Zapier…Period.

So that is really all the major stuff I use and what I use them for. I have put it all into a list below for you:

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