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Getting Started - Karma Senge Marketing

Getting Started

So What Exactly IS Productivity?

(My Definition)

I define productivity as not only getting things done...But getting the RIGHT things done.

The things that are actually important in your business and life. Productivity is not about accomplishing and finishing endless lists of meaningless bullsh*t that will never amount to anything.

In my experience, the best form of productivity - and what I focus on - is the following:

Focusing on only one key items that will have the most impact on my business at the time, and executing that task by taking massive action until it is completed.

In other words...forget all the Todo list mumbo jumbo that everyone talks about.

Instead, we as online entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs and business people in general) need to be solidly focused on accomplishing a single goal until it is completed. And the most important of all the goals in the first place.

Think about it like this...If you want to bring in 10,000 new leads this month, and make a minimum of $1000 in sales from these new leads, is making a new logo, or rearranging or changing your homepage going to be the most important things you can be doing to get those new leads and make those sales?


But yet, this is what I see marketers doing all the time. Because it is on the list, it must get done. That is their thinking. And then the rationalize it and make themselves believe that they can't possibly hit their goal unless that meaningless task is done first.

So getting back to it, productivity in my eyes is just accomplishing the most important things that will actually move our business ahead.

What Productivity IS NOT

Let’s dispel some myths and set realistic expectations before we go any deeper.

➡️ Forget the Todo Type List. Productivity is NOT writing down every single thing under the sun about everything you need to get done in a todo type list and banging out everything. While that will certainly keep you busy, it is not productive. Even though 90% of "Productivity Systems" out there will have you do this and work from that. It just doesn't cut it.

➡️ It is not just about doing one thing either. While I do recommend doing and focusing on just one single task at a time, it is about doing the most important things. Focusing on one thing that has no real influence on the outcome of your business is freaking pointless. So you have to focus on what matters.

➡️ It is not about looking at Lagging Indicators. There are two types of indicators that we look at.

The first one is:
1. Lagging Indicators.

A lagging indicator is your main GOAL. The outcome you want to achieve overall. So if you wanted to say make $10,000 this month, THAT is your lagging indicator. Unfortunately, this is the only type indicator that most entrepreneurs and businesses focus on the most. But the problem with that is that you don't have your numbers until it's already too late. 

If your goal was $10k this month, you won't know if you will hit it until the end of the month. That is why it is a lagging indicator. Because it is not predictive at all.

The Next Indicator is:
2. Leading Indicators

Leading indicators are just that....leading. They are predictive of whether or not you are going to be able to hit your goal or not. These are the ones that you should be watching on a daily...if not hourly basis. These indicators will tell you wether you are going to hit your goal or not, and give you the time to adjust your planning so that you can hit your goals.

Email Marketing

The next area we focus on is of course Email Marketing. Email Marketing is essentially using email to promote sales of products and/or services to a list of customers that you have.

Now unlike 99% of online marketers out there, we do NOT use email marketing like is taught in the online realm.

You know what I mean....The type where you spam hardcore sales messages at your list. Use fake countdown timers. And swear up and down that this "sale" is going away in just 12 hours type of BS.

That is not how we use email.

Our way of email marketing is sending emails DAILY (yes I mean every single day) to your list with fantastic content that they can use in their lives right now.

Or maybe to tell a story to inspire them.

Then at the very end of every email we ask them to take an action of any sort.

Maybe it is a very soft pitch to buy a product. Or maybe it is to click a link to like your Youtube page. Or simply to reply to the email and let you know how things are.

No matter what the Call to Action is, we want them to do something.

This is about training our list to take action......And of course to provide kick@$$ content to them to help them out.

THAT is how we use email.

Yes there is a LOT more to it than that. But that is essentially how email marketing SHOULD be done.

The Money Is In The Follow Up

We also believe that the bulk of your money is not made in the upfront funnel that your prospect comes in on.

This is the area where most marketers focus all their attention on.

Let me get cold traffic from ads, send them to my awesome landing page, then when they fill it out send them to a kick@$$ sales page, then an upsell, then maybe a second upsell,...you get the point.

While all this is good and needed, it is not our big focus.

We are hardwired in this world to say "NO!" when offered a product to purchase. We say no, and then later on, as we think about things, we then say..."maybe".

And then that maybe becomes "yes"...if done correctly.

I would say that only 10% AT MOST of all the income you can generate online, will come from your upfront funnel. The other 90% will come from your backend funnel. This is where the power of your emails comes in. Because your emails are your backend funnel.

Money Management

You will also hear me talk a ton about money management and just money in general.

I believe that if you focus on your money... literally looking at your financial statement and account balances, metrics, etc, daily...your money will multiply faster than rabbits can make babies.

There is a lot to money management. And while none of it is super complicated at all, it does take commitment and will power to consistently pay attention to it.

My life changed when I did two things:

  1. Pay Attention to your money DAILY
    This was a BIG game changer for me. I started looking at my bank accounts and any holdings I had every single day. I would Wake up and look at them, and right before I went to bed, I would look again.

    Just so I could keep it all in my head. You could ask me at any point what I had in my accounts, and I could tell you to the penny what I had.

    And by simply paying attention like this, I noticed my income grow more and more.
  2. I Set up the Right Accounts
    One big part of money management is having multiple accounts. Not just one big bank account that all your business and personal money comes in and out of.

    You need many different accounts. And I can show you how to set them all up.

    These are some of the accounts I have:
    • Business Income
    • Business Expenses
    • Advertising Account
    • Profit Account
    • Taxes
    • Personal Hub Account
    • Personal Expenses
    • Vacation Account
    • Investment Account
    • Fun Account
    • And a few others

So with just these two things, my life was transformed almost overnight. And I will show you how to do it as well.


The last thing we specialize in here is automations. 

I personally believe that for us to be efficient in our businesses (and personal lives), we need to automate everything humanly possible that we can.

From our email marketing, to split testing headlines, to sending out birthday cards and sending your wife flowers on your anniversary....it all needs to be automated.

Yes this is part of productivity, but automations and advanced automation is the holy f*cking grail of productivity.

I automate everything. And if I can't automate it, I try to figure out if I can get rid of it. And if I can't get rid of it, then I delegate it if possible. 

I want to be productive. And that means focusing on the important things. Not tiny little tasks that could be done on their own or by someone else.

Automation should be the 9th wonder of the world.

Essential #1

If you want to be productive in your business, then you are going to need a platform for you to be able to do everything in.

I recommend using an All-in-One solution if at all possible. This way you can have:

  • A Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Automation and Broadcast abilities
  • A Help desk
  • Shopping Cart Solution
  • Contact List Management
  • and so much more

All under the same roof.

I have been using Kartra now for a while. And I couldn't be happier. From their amazing automations, to their unlimited amount of pages and forms, to their video host capabilities, to fantastic support, Kartra has it all.

I could tell you horror stories about all the other platforms I have had in the past. But I have never had a single problem with Kartra.

Get a 14-Day Trial of Kartra Here

Essential #2

3x3 Productivity Method Book

If you want to take your productivity through the roof, then I recommend picking up a copy of my 3x3 Productivity Method book as well.

This is the fastest and most strategic way to Get Things Done!

Grab a copy Here

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