F**K Your Swipe File

When I first got into the copywriting world I was told by everyone that I should have a swipe file for every aspect of my writing.

+ “Have a swipe file for Headlines…”
+ “Have a swipe file for Subject lines…”
+ “Have a swipe file for bullets…”

Blah blah blah..

And like everyone else that starts off fresh in copywriting…I did.

I had so many little 3×5″ index card boxes filled with these damn cards it was insane. My wife kept telling me that my card boxes were having babies and kept multiplying.

In the end I decided to just throw them all away.

Not actually ditch them in the trash, but I put them in a box in the garage somewhere that I don't even know where that box is anymore.

I did not want to be that guy that just stole someone else's stuff, and change one measly word and call it my own. Like most people do.

Now don't get me wrong…I have done that in the past.

But I am making it a point not to anymore.

Point being…

If you study the material enough…If you memorize the WAY that things are structured..You won't need to swipe anything from anyone.

It won't be their voice in the copy, it will be yours.

If you want to know how to find your voice in copywriting and marketing, click the link below

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