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Automate EVERYTHING Humanly Possible

Marketing Automation is one thing that I would put up there with the 7 wonders of the world. Just as good as the concept of compounding that Einstein talked about. I try (in every aspect of my life) to automate everything possible. And you should too. This is why many people believe me to be […]

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Only The Best Marketing Tools

From a fellow reader: “Hey dude, there are so many people out there telling me to use this system or that system for my marketing, I was really curious as to what you use for all your stuff? Do you use ActiveCampaign or do you still use Clickfunnels?“ —- This is a message I got a few days […]

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Does Your Merchant Account SUCK

One of my students today actually called my phone going absolutely ape-sh!tt because he had a dispute from one of his long term students. Instead of cancelling their membership the proper way, a day after their last charge was made they disputed the charge telling their bank that they had cancelled it. So of course the bank […]

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