3 reasons why I switched…and why you’ll want to too

So you might even know this yet, but recently I switched from my main marketing automation software to another.

There were a ton of reasons why I did this. But let me go through the first few in this email and show you why it might be beneficial for you to switch too.

So where did I switch from, and where did I go?

I was with Infusionsoft for the longest time. And while I like Infusionsoft, there were better things on the horizon that I saw. While Infusionsoft has been the king for a long time when it comes to marketing automation, they have not updated their system in I don't know how long.

…The king has now fallen.

I recently moved over and switched to ➡ Kartra. (The new king). And boy am I thrilled.

Kartra is what Infusionsoft could have been.

Kartra is what I had wished for in a system for a very very long time.

So what are the reasons I switched anyways.


So number one was the cost difference between what I was paying for Infusionsoft, and what Kartra was offering.

With Infusionsoft I was paying more than DOUBLE, what I am now paying over at Kartra.

2. No Additional Things Needed

With Infusionsoft, you needed additional plugins to have it work the way you wanted it to.

You needed an additional website for pages, sales pages, etc. And don't even get me started on the horrible things they call order forms.

But with Kartra, you get it all.

Kartra is an all-in-one platform.

Now I kn0w you are starting to think…”Oh this is just a pitch for Kartra”.

And it's not…well kind of.

I honestly just want to show you what I feel at this moment in time concerning my business.

Nothing more, nothing less.

3. It's EASY.

The one thing I love about Kartra is that it is sooo easy to use. It took me about an hour to figure it all out (just like with anything), but after that, I know just about everything Kartra can do.

And it is easy to do anything you want with Kartra.

Infusionsoft has been earned the nickname “Confusionsoft” by the online community for a good reason.

While I know a metric ton about Infusionsoft, it is not intuitive at all.

BONUS Reason

4. They Actually LISTEN To Their Customers

Kartra, unlike Infusionsoft, actually listens to their customers when they speak.

People have been begging Infusionsoft for certain things FOR YEARS….and still don't have what they ask for with no end in site.

Well there you have the “main” reasons I left Infusionsoft for Kartra.

If you are interested in learning about the BEST All-In-One solution to your marketing needs, click the link below.


Take Care,