#1 Split Testing Mistake

Even after a couple years after I got into copywriting, marketing, and advertising I still had no idea what I was doing when it came down to split testing.

I found myself, most of the time, not even doing any real testing in the first place.

That is probably why I wasn't making any money too. lol

But when I got heavy into researching how to split test, I found that nearly everyone (“The Gurus”) would teach a method whereby you make one small change to something like a word in a headline, and see what happens.

Did that version out pull the original or “Control”?

I ending up doing all my split testing this way.

I would change a word here and there. Or I would see if a green button out pulled a red button.

I am sure you have heard this type of sh!ttt too.

Well I am here to tell you that it is freaking hogwash.

This is not how you should be split testing. And in my opinion, this is the biggest mistake marketers make.

They are testing the small stuff.

What I do now is very different.

If I am going to split test, say a landing page, both pages are completely different.

Not a minor change, a MAJOR change.

Make it so different that you can really tell a difference in the conversion rates.

I teach this kind of thing in my Inner Circle and on our LIVE sessions that we have multiple times per month.

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